Pan Pacific Masters

On the 8th, 9th and 10th of November this year Owner and Coach Scott Lipman competed in the Pan Pacific Masters Games Fitness Challenge.
It has been a four-year goal of Scott’s to stand tall on the podium at this event.

The event is run on the Gold Coast every two years and consists of three workouts a day over three days. It is a broad and inclusive test of fitness and CrossFit, ranging from running, swimming, 1RM testing and a huge collection of movements.

Scott’s journey started back in 2014 when he finished in tenth place. Scott knew from that moment that he wanted to make this his marquee event and to train specifically for it.

In 2016 things did not go the way he had hoped and Scott was beaten by far more inclusive and better athletes. Even though he tried his best and had a couple of personal records, he finished in 8th place. Scott knew something had to change in order for him to get to a podium position he was so after.

Scott changed his training program slightly and focused not only on his weaknesses but also on his general health and wellbeing, as he learnt how they all go hand in hand and are so important.

This year he teamed up with his friend Kristine Telfer and went in the mixed pairs 30 to 39 age category. Nine months before they decided that they would individually train for this event and come together a couple of months before the competition and train as a team. They spoke often about training and how things were going. They entered another local comp in August with two other friends in preparation to test themselves as a team and see how they were tracking. As a result, they both realised they were well underway to achieving their goal.

Photo “Let’s Start A Roit, August 2018”

The workouts were announced two weeks prior to the competition. Scott and Kristine practiced seven of them together and worked out the strategies that would work to both their strengths. The inclusive programming meant that a few workouts were not in their wheelhouse but not out of reach.

When the first bell sounded to mark the start of the first workout you could tell they came for one thing. They went ALL out and lead right from the start. Scott and Kristine got two event wins and a third on Day One which put them on top of the leader board. However, they knew that the second day of competition was going to be their hardest; not only because the workouts did not favour them, but they also knew that the other teams would be chasing them down. With a very competitive field of athletes from all different sporting backgrounds they surprised themselves with an event win in the second event of the day.


At the end of Day Two and the start of Day Three they knew what they needed to do. Staying on top of the table meant it was going to be a long, hard and stressful day. With another event win in the first workout the job was not done yet and they knew where they needed to place in the last two workouts.

After three days of competing and four event wins there was nothing left in the tank. Scott and Kristine thought they had done enough but waited two hours before the announcement was made and that they had WON!!!

Scott said afterwards, “Not only did I have a lot of fun competing, this has gone down as my biggest CrossFit achievement. I can’t believe all the hard work has finally paid off”.