Members – Beyond the White Board Setup

Hey Team! In order to engage with the Quarantine WODs effectively you are going to need to do a few things. One of those being that you ensure you have Beyond the White Board (BTWB) set up. So I thought it would be helpful to create this post in order to explain and help you on that journey. We will also have a members only area on this website where I will be posting videos as well as the workout each day. This will act as the primary point of info and will require you are logged in with your BTWB credentials to gain access.

So moving forward with how we use BTWB you will see we have two track of workouts. The one we have all been using, Crossfit Living The Dream WODs and the newly created The Quarantine Crew. The new track will be where the home workouts will be posted going forward. If you are having access issues this could be due to a few things. You dont have an account, you dont have our BOX associated to your account or I ran out of licenses/subscription spots. See below for account creation steps.

Note: If you get the subscription issue, let me know so I can sort it out.


  1. If you do not have an account please go to
  2. Enter in the required details.
    1. The code for our BOX is LIVI362
  3. Once you create your account you will have access

If you have a BTWB but are not part of CFLTD

  1. To associate CFLTD  ensure you are logged in and click your profile drop down in the upper right corner
  2. Then Select Switch Gyms
  3. You are then presented with an option to associate a gym in the upper right area
  4. A search box will show and you are searching for Crossfit Living the Dream (not Ajax)
  5. Select the above and you are done.

Create Account

Switch Gyms