If you are not familiar with CrossFit movements the Fundamentals is mandatory and will allow you to become familiar with the movements in a safe environment before you progress to CrossFit Classes.

The Fundamentals are 4 x 1-hour private coaching sessions (1 on 1 or small group) which includes and not limited to: A conversation about goals, class structure, explanation of CrossFit, warm up, existing movement pattern analysis, technique and a workout.

There are no requirements before starting this, these sessions are specifically designed for people of ALL abilities and levels. They to build your confidence, show you how to perform the various CrossFit exercises/movement patterns using correct technique and to improve your basic fitness level.


After completing the fundamentals class you are welcome to attend any of our scheduled classes.

This is when the fun really starts and where you will find our core strength and conditioning program, and where the next step in your fitness journey really progresses.

Our CrossFit Classes go for 1 hour, include an explanation of the workout for that day (WOD), a group warm up, a strength component and conditioning (cardio). This varies from day to day depending on our programming and goals for that day.

More info on our class schedule here.