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CrossFit is a world-shattering strength and conditioning program first developed in the 90′s. Creator Greg Glassman, created a formula for fitness through painstakingly measuring inputs and outputs. Essentially he came up with the most effective fitness program to date by keeping the what works best and eliminating movements with minimal output. This formula is ever changing, and being fine tuned.

CrossFit methodology has rapidly spread throughout the world due to the fact that it is a completely inclusive program. This meaning that everyone from the Olympic athlete to the most unathletic beginner, youth to senior citizen, everyone will benefit from the same program. The reason this is possible is the through scaling of load and intensity. Every workout is catered to the physical ability of each person, thus making it safe, fun and inclusive for all.

CrossFit’s ideology comprises three basic elements to maximise outputs.


These are movements that are multi-joint, compound movements that mimic every day activities. There are no movements that are strictly for esthetics ie. bicep curls, lateral leg raises etc.


This is the variable that produces the greatest adaption to the body from exercise. Intensity can be defined as “power”.


“Our specialty is not specializing”. (Courtesy of CrossFit Inc) Through constantly varying and randomizing of tasks the body is forced to adapt and work outside of its comfort zone.

Basically to put these 3 key elements together, the best results are generated when training with Functional Movements (those which replicate real life movements), at high intensity and with constant variety. That being said, any exercise program that meets these three criteria can be considered “CrossFit,” from digging or shoveling snow to weightlifting, push ups and running.

CrossFit has been able to create an competitive atmosphere while maintaining a community feel. CrossFit known as “the sport of fitness” allows athletes to challenge themselves to be better through friendly competition. Even though a level of competitiveness is introduced what is created essentially is a motivating community atmosphere where peers push each other to be better and fitter.

All in all, CrossFit changes lives. The results speak for themselves. It pushes you to your limits, and you will have a blast doing it!! Give it a try and you will love the way you feel and how much energy you will have for everyday activities.